Along with regular checkups and cleanings, the best ways to help prevent cavities is to have your child brush at least twice a day and floss before going to bed. However, children often struggle to brush effectively, especially in the deep grooves of the back teeth.  This combined with the fact that bacteria and food can become trapped in the grooves make it easy to see why sealants may be a valuable treatment in preserving and protecting your child’s teeth.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant refers to the application of a white plastic material that acts as a barrier between food and the tooth’s chewing surface. This is done to help prevent cavities, which can be caused by food and bacteria getting caught in the deep grooves. Studies have shown that sealants help reduce the risk of tooth decay by almost 80% in molars. Sealants are safe for patients of all ages.

How Are They Applied?

Before applying any sealants, we will examine your child’s teeth to be sure no decay is present. We will clean and dry the tooth and “paint” the sealant on the tooth. We use a light to quickly harden the sealant. Please remember that a sealant does not replace the need for a dental filling, which may be recommended if decay is noted.

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