There are many ways dentists help save teeth when they are damaged from injury or decay. Some of those treatments include dental fillings, baby teeth root canals, and dental crowns. However, there are some situations that occur where a restoration is not able to save the tooth, and the best treatment for a child’s long-term oral health is a tooth extraction.

Is It Really Needed?

A tooth extraction is not usually our first choice for a dental treatment. It does become important, though, when a damaged tooth could pose serious risk to adjacent teeth or a patient’s overall oral health. Some of the reasons we choose to extract a tooth include it being infected, damaged or misaligned.

What About Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that usually arrive in a child’s teenage years. Sometimes, they do not affect a patient’s bite or oral health. Still, if we see them growing horizontally, this could affect alignment or cause damage to other teeth. They may also be impacted, meaning the tooth has not grown in and remains beneath the gum tissue. In these cases, it is recommended that the wisdom teeth be removed.

Every Smile Is Different

We will inform you and your child of each step of the treatment so that any fear is eliminated. Remember, your child eventually loses each baby tooth naturally, so he or she will have little trouble adjusting to the missing tooth. When it comes to a tooth extraction for your child, we will explain the specific circumstances and goals for his or her smile.

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